How do I get out of the Corona trap in sales?

Many distributors do not digitize or do it half-heartedly. The Corona Crisis clearly reveals weaknesses and opportunities. This article presents best practice and an extraordinary solidarity contribution.

Master the difficult times - with our solidarity contribution

Many entrepreneurs are affected by the crisis. Many activities are suspended. Orders are cancelled or postponed. A lot of things will be completely lost and many sales and organisation will change. We are crisis- and implementation-experienced sales specialists and help you in the Corona crisis with advice and hands on mentality. We offer you free of charge:

  • develop business areas and sales
  • experience how to create Quick-Win´s
  • successful focus on the future
  • competence and capacity in implementation
  • our network

Use our support for these milestones:

Sales + Profitability
  • deducting an optimal distribution system based on customer and product logic
  • securing business, tying up customers. digital sales system for SMEs
  • acquisition of new customers / New business in crisis
  • increase margins and profit through sales intelligence
  • thinking in Solutions: generating sales channels in crisis periods, providing benefits
  • human research within our networks and integrate salespeople (fulltime/part-time, established or independent), sales managers for all hierarchy levels
Organisation + Compensation
  • adapting your organization to the new challenges
  • optimizing processes
  • aligning incentive and compensation systems
  • digital leadership & bold action, take responsibility and make decisions
  • role model, leading by example, achieve results
  • Functionality before hierarchy
  • best practices: pragmatism and speed before perfectionism
Staff and team
  • digital training and further education, training and empowering people digitally
  • encouraging action: pragmatism and speed before perfectionism
  • get carried away, pretend, give examples and courage
How does our solidarity contribution work:
  • free briefing (approx. 30 minutes). We quickly feel, if and how we can support you.
  • In positive case we do a 360° check during a virtual workshop including first recommendation and "Quick Win's" (approx. 1.5 hours).
  • afterwards: we support your implementation free of charge (up to max. 8 hours).