Corona Chance Personnel Development!

Corona Chance Personnel Development!

Digital education & training - what do they bring and what do you need to pay attention to?

5 key questions and answers

Corona has hit the economy hard. The standstill has already led to massive losses, redundancies and short-time work. The Ifo Institute writes on 24.04.2020: "The mood among German companies is catastrophic". The Ifo business climate index fell to 74.3 points in April, after 85.9 points in March. This is the lowest value ever measured".

Many measures that are not urgently related to "SALES" and "FUNCTIONING" have been scaled down or shut down. These include the topics "Training and Further Education" and "Training & Coaching".

At the same time, the need for orientation, training and knowledge as well as coaching is higher than ever before and even higher!

Because increasing insecurity with simultaneously decreasing orientation results in a higher demand for guidance, training and coaching!

Especially managers need exchange, guidance and training right now. Just think of the saying: "the fish always starts from the head.....".

Topics such as: "infrastructural deficits", "remote leadership", "orienting leadership work to results instead of time", "promoting motivation and team spirit", "being able to spur the team on via video", "preventing the decline in morale" are now the order of the day and must be mastered. Does your management team master these and many other topics?
Helmut Schmidt said: "in a crisis the character of a person shows itself". At the same time, you can also see a sharp image of the character of the management team and ultimately of the corporate culture.

For GENIC GmbH, as a management consultancy, which has been intensively involved for years in advising on marketing and sales and thus also on new direct sales content, but also on the optimization of existing sales organizations, the picture is very mixed.

Some companies seize the opportunities that arise and act very quickly. They discuss with experts, adapt their business models and have their employees trained and coached by professionals, while many other companies are paralyzed or wait-and-see. It is noticeable that often entrepreneurs but also trainers and coaches from the "old world" Who should I train/coach?

The situation is different with the "young & young-at-heart", where the founders or CEOs themselves are involved with passion and agility. They are either already somewhat digitally set up or at least open-minded and above all solution-oriented - there, training and coaching is already taking place online. Especially companies that have so far relied heavily on the classic sales force are now particularly challenged!

Especially now we are increasingly supporting companies in setting up "digital trainings, digital academies for managers and sales" and are confronted with the same questions again and again.

Here are the answers to the 5 most frequent questions:

Digital training in these times - what is the point of it?

  • guidance, learning new contents and procedures
  • New procedures are taught. For example: selling without visits; digital customer care
  • A new common approach & security for employees
  • Increase in sales through new methods and ideas (Social & Online Selling)
  • Security in dealing with digital formats and media and thus avoiding damage to your image
  • Image improvement and marketing advantages through professionalism and solutions for customers

Training / coaching on the screen - is that possible at all? And what do I have to pay attention to?
Yes, ask your children about homeschooling. But it is important to observe certain rules:

  • Digital discipline is very important - rules must be discussed
  • The topics must be relevant
  • The agenda must be kept tight and interactive
  • The media and equipment must function optimally
  • The training sessions must not be too long. Instead of two days of training in a row there should be several sessions of 2 - 3 hours
  • Pause discipline - 50/10 rule (every 50 minutes 10 minutes break)

I will gladly send you further rules and information:

Which topics make sense at all?

  • Digital basic skills & etiquette
  • Digital equipment - technology and its application
  • New processes and procedures.
  • Professional conversation management
  • Digital selling (techniques, tools, tricks and tricks)
  • Leading in digital times
  • Leadership skills for home office
  • Customer acquisition without "field service"
  • Time management in the home office

Who should I train/coach?

  • Basically the rule is: always from top to bottom!
  • Start in your management circle and also with yourself
  • Create a list of all functions and persons
  • Prioritise them according to efficiency and relevance
  • At the moment, the following people are particularly challenged: executives, sales, customer service

What does this training cost, how much time does it take and how do I measure success?
The training costs the same as a conventional training. The costs are rather lower, because digital formats are different. So instead of 2 days of training with travel and overnight stay, you now train several times for 2 - 3 hours. This way trainings can be integrated much more effectively into your time planning. Depending on the topic, up to 10% improvements can be achieved within 3 - 6 training sessions. You can measure the success by:

  • Defining topics in advance (e.g. turnover)
  • Evaluate current status (e.g. how much turnover is now achieved per week)
  • Training contents are adapted to the topic and trained
  • What has been learned is implemented and the implementation is monitored and measured
  • Results are measured and compared

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