Sales in the age of Corona - Examples of new sales channels

Corona swirls everything. Our way of working, producing and selling is changing a lot. The good news is that companies are bridging the first phase with financial assistance. It becomes difficult when you, as an entrepreneur and manager, do not focus your sales on the future. If you now change your sales channels and do digitally networking with your customers, you take advantage of your opportunities.

Expansion of sales channels
Many sales are inefficient. They do not digitize or half-heartedly. You do not interlink your channels to real omni or multichannel channels or use potential distribution channels sporadically. It went well - the order books were well filled - the pressure of suffering was not great enough. The Corona Crisis clearly reveals weaknesses and opportunities. Now many customers accept changing processes. A video conference is now standard. This small building block of our new world of work points the way in the new direction. With a digital realignment of sales, companies gain decisive competitive advantages, reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity. You can read a successful example in this post.

Direct sales and Corona
A good example is the home office. Working at home prevails and becomes a new day-to-day work. This allows you to reach high-purchasing target groups during the day. This creates new options for B2C direct marketing, such as online and offline direct sales as well as online and offline network marketing/MLM. For many manufacturers with branded goods in the consumer and capital goods sector, industrial companies and specialist dealers, it is worth taking a closer look at this multifaceted channel. The question is whether and how direct sales fits the product and customer logic. How to intelligently interlink existing and new sales channels.

Examples of sales channels
The largest German-language online learning platform is currently “sofatutor”, which attracts customers exclusively online. With personal-based direct sales, the company is looking for additional contact opportunities for new customers. With the promotional vehicle, the field team comes to the target group on site. The well-trained team proactively addresses parents and wins them over for digital learning online. And with success. The “sofa-mobile” and the personal approach successfully complement the digital sales.

Interlocking of sales channels
It is also the other way around. Large and small, so far purely traditional direct sales are changing at a great pace. Thermomix or Optidee, for example, turn into omnichannel sales out of necessity. As Corona and Social Distancing threaten the business model of traditional direct sales, their consultants successfully sell through social selling.

Digital concept for specialist retailers
Corona shows how vulnerable specialist retailers are if they do not open up in the truest sense of the word. An eShop alone is not enough. If you want to be successful in sales, you will meet the needs and requirements of your customers on linked channels. One example is one of the largest Swiss bicycle retailers. He markets in Corona times successfully. The strategy includes consulting via video call and direct delivery. The retailer is gaining new customers with a novel approach to acquisition.

Our method for optimal sales setup
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